Intuitively, we know that it is important for all of us to reestablish and maintain our relationship with nature and to bring our lives back into balance. Intuitive Creations can help you honor this inclination.

Our mission at Intuitive Creations is to revitalize and help integrate ancient knowledge and techniques into modern society by breathing new life into them and helping to make them relevant and desirable for the current and future generations.

Some ways we do this is by formulating plant-based bath and body products that use ethnobotanical (ancient and primitive plants) ingredients to help restore balance to body and mind, designing and constructing modern clothing and household items that feature tribal and cultural prints, and hand-crafting beadwork that uses indigenous beading techniques.  Your purchases help to support many fair trade businesses and communities, and our profits help to fulfill the goal of having an ethnobotanical garden that is available to the public, where plants can be readily purchased in large or small quantities by the public.

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  1. Simone, thank you for sending me toward your blog and thoughts. I resonated with your work when I saw it and reading your words I understand why.
    I will sign up for your blog knowing that there will be many times that I am unable to read it. The computer is a time grabber that is usually better spent, for me anyway, doing art or being outside.
    I dig your work and urge you forward.

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