Hello world!


Greetings to all!

My name is Symone. I am starting this blog to connect with people who share some of my same interests as well as keep people informed of my discoveries, creations, thoughts, etc.

Just a snap shot of who I am:

I was born in Guam and raised in the United States. I love things that are spiritual, natural, colorful, artistic, and handmade. I’ve loved art and nature since I was young. I loved playing outside in the grass and dirt, catching insects and just being active and feeling free in nature. My thirst for art was so natural. I remember completing many projects. Some were taught to me and others I taught myself by observing and experimenting with materials. Everything from rag dolls, to paintings and drawings, to pillows, macramé, beaded jewelry, and more. I remember I even sold some of my pieces in a few garage sales that my parents held. My memories of nature and art in childhood were very special. I have just recently opened an Etsy store called Intuitive Creations. The journey to opening my new store has been a long but very valuable and interesting process. I have found myself slowly returning to my childhood passions and I’m very excited about “rediscovering” the things and activities that make me happy. My goal is to share that positive energy through my creations and words.

Here are a few pictures of some of the items that I create.

My style and creativity is constantly evolving and sometimes there are so many ideas and inspirations flowing that there is a great “lag time” between when the ideas flow to when they finally manifest into a physical form.

Some ways that you can connect with me are through this blog at www.intuitivecreations13.wordpress.com

My Etsy store is at www.intuitivecreations13.etsy.com.

My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/IntuitiveCreations.

What do you think?

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