Mini Messenger Bag with Ethnic Print Interior


For the past month, I have had some unfortunate issues with some purses of mine that I have had for a while. I have had one purse’s strap to break and another one’s zipper to break. The shoulder strap that broke looked as if it had been glued in place so no surprise that it broke. And the other purse seemed pretty sturdy but nonetheless, I tend to carry a lot of things at times, and I guess the zipper had enough of me over-stuffing the purse and so it separated. I have been able to put zippers back in place but I figured it would most likely break again being that I carry a lot of items. At first I thought that maybe I should simply buy a bigger, better constructed bag to fix my purse woes. However, I do not particularly like carrying around a large bag. Not only does it look clunky on me, but it weighs down on my shoulder which is uncomfortable. I finally decided I should probably make my own bag. I like the style and functionality of a messenger bag but once again, did not want a standard size one because it would be too large for my needs and comfort. So I decided to make a mini sized messenger bag.

It turned out really well, being that this was my first time ever sewing a bag of any kind. There are a few imperfections but overall I was very pleased with it.

It has an off white muslin exterior and the inside of the bag has a beautiful red ethnic print. One large pocket in the front and two small pockets on the inside.

A loose hanging flap and adjustable straps complete the bag for a great alternative to the usual purse. I love how it is light weight and hangs across my body which relieves my shoulder of unnecessary discomfort.

I really like this bag and will probably make more in the future but for now, I just wanted to share a beautiful yet practical creation.

Ethnic Style Bag, Mini Messenger bag, Messenger Bag, Ethnic, Aboriginal, Muslin, Cotton, Intuitive Creations


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