Holiday Gift Ideas on Etsy Part 1


My mission over the next few weeks will be to post treasuries containing items that are “rare” finds, things that aren’t normally listed on the front page or in the featured sections of Etsy, as well as items that may not initially pop into your mind when you begin your search for handmade items on Etsy. I hope that this can become a trend. I tend to see a lot of the same items being promoted over and over again and while I admire handmade work, I easily get bored and as such, I would like to see new and exciting items being promoted more. These treasuries are simply an expression of my tastes, preferences, and interests. I try to only include items that are handmade by the seller, but if the pickings are slim, I may include vintage sellers for some lists.

Last week I made a treasury containing masks that had an indigenous, ethnic, cultural feel to them. You can see the treasury here:

This week I have compiled a treasury of “Preserves, Jellies, and Jams… Oh My!” that you will most likely not find at the grocery store and in some cases, not even at the farmer’s market depending on your location. I love spreadable produce but have tried most of the usual ones so my interest in putting together this treasury was to actually find some items I would like to personally try. So here I am sharing my treasury of finds:

Check back often for a list of finds that will be perfect gifts for you and for those you care about during this holiday season.

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  1. i really like that mask treasury! that’s definitely an original idea for one. also loving the one with the preserves. i’m a jellie kinda girl, too! recently had guava jam sent to me from hawaii….wonderful! looking forard to future collections…

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