“Damsel in Distress” and “Divine Feminine” Part 3


At first glance, I couldn’t say that I had ever necessarily identified with the “Damsel in Distress” character. She’s portrayed as attractive and desirable yet powerless and always seems to be waiting around for someone to rescue her. I never understood why a guy would want a woman like that. Why would a man want a woman that was just pleasurable to the eyes and senses but seemed to offer little substance? Why was it that “evil beings” were always after her and attracted to her? Why was she always being locked away or put into seclusion? Why were they being used as bait to lure in the hero, who seemed to be the real prize? I never saw myself as wanting to be in these types of situations or being “used” as status symbol or trophy. Even so, there seemed to be some hurt or fear that this damsel was experiencing or wanting to get away from that I found myself being able to relate to. Was she truly being controlled or was she choosing to not deal with the negative situation that she was in and simply looking for someone else to fix it for her?

I’m sure that many people have experienced situations where they felt they couldn’t fully express themselves. I’ve felt this way many times. The more I felt this way, the more I started to realize the pain and fear that this damsel must be experiencing by being locked away and being too afraid or feeling they were not powerful enough to really assert themselves and defend themselves. It wasn’t always this way for me. When I was younger, I was very free in my expressions. But over time, I quickly learned that people didn’t seem to really care about true feelings or wants. They only seemed to just want you to fit into their idea of what you should be or do. The more I encountered these types of people, the more I found myself wanting to find people that would truly accept me. These people I was searching for or waiting for were my “heroes” and the ones that were looking to control me and suppress me were seen as the “villains”. And somehow, while experiencing all of this, I ended up believing that maybe I did need to be fixed. That maybe there was something wrong with me.

It’s such a powerless feeling to experience. But as I’ve come full circle, and begin to express myself a little more each day, it gets easier… more liberating. It’s helped to take a quick second to look at situations and ask myself, “is this what I really want or how I really feel, or am I suppressing my true feelings and desires to be accepted more?”

The third article I will be linking to today speaks about the complex relationships between the hero and damsel as well as some other characters that may be involved in our lives. It’s entitled “The Impotent Hero”.  I chose this article because it offers more in depth ideas concerning this complex relationship. It’s a bit long but very though provoking nonetheless. It can be found here:


As always, please feel free to comment with further insights or introspections concerning the subject.

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