Committing to truth


I have come to know that race, religion, age, culture, etc has nothing to do with KNOWING and DOING what is right and wrong. We all KNOW what is right and wrong but allow ourselves to be influenced by others’ perceptions or desires daily. When I act according to what I know is right and true, there is a peace that presents itself, but somehow those doubts and “wrong ways” of thinking and acting seem to creep in sometimes, like aggressive weeds that just continue to come back despite my efforts to prevent them.  I have learned many lessons and made many mistakes over the past few years and it takes a lot of courage to do what you know is right especially when you have already made commitments to people or organizations saying that you will devote yourself to their cause. There have been many people that have tried to convince me that the right things are “wrong” and the wrong things are “right” but now I know that I have to be the final judge of what I am willing to stand behind. In honor of committing to truth:

“There are many differing viewpoints on nature versus nurture, and there are those who believe that bad behavior can be excused and understood if a person doesn’t know better. The theory that someone who has been abused as a child will go on to abuse their own children, and so on, because they don’t know differently is widely held. But children know. We all know.

Learned behavior. When a child is abused, he or she knows, even as it is happening, that it is wrong. I knew. I was abused. When a child is treated unfairly in any way, he or she knows that it is wrong. I knew. I was treated unfairly. And when a child is treated with love and affection, he or she knows that it is right. I knew. I saw how other kids were treated with love and affection by their parents. I knew. My soul cried out to me and told me so. We all know. We all know right from wrong. Our souls cry out to us and tell us so. And we decide, we make our choices, and we are responsible for those choices. We, no one else but we, decide.

Anger, hurt, pain, humiliation, fear, dread, confusion-all these emotions we choose. De we hold on to our anger, our pain and humiliation, and hit back, or do we strive to understand that we can do better?”
― Rosemary AlteaSoul Signs: An Elemental Guide to Your Spiritual Destiny

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