My skin, hair and health journey


Many people who have met me in person, have asked me about what hair products I use on my hair in addition to the skin products I use, so I want to take time to go over my skin care and hair care regimen and journey.

When it comes to skin care, I do indeed use all of the products that I sell. Yep, each and every one. I developed my skin care line because I was displeased with the quality and ingredients of so-called natural and organic products.  The label would say organic and natural, but when I turned the item over to read the ingredients, it was full of manufactured ingredients. This was frustrating to me because I wanted to truly experience all natural products. So I began researching some homemade recipes and ingredients for skin care and fell in love with the freshness and effectiveness of the products that I came up with. The circumstance that sparked my interest in wanting natural facial products is that I began having “adult acne” around 2006. I had never experienced  bad breakouts before, would hardly get one pimple, yet my body seemed like it finally had enough of a lot of the nonsense that I had been putting on and in my body for a few years.  I had been eating a lot more junk and had been slapping on pretty much any product that I could find on my face and hair. So it seemed that my body was attempting to do a detox of its own and my acne, as well as other health issues, was the result.  So I began detoxing and eventually became vegetarian. I searched out pure organic products online and though I was able to find a few good brands, they didn’t seem to give lasting results. For instance, certain lotions I purchased felt good going on, but my skin was still dry soon after using it.

My hair care journey was a little different. I stopped putting perms in my hair in 2004. I was inspired to go natural because I came down to Atlanta at the time, visiting family and hoping to go to college out here. When I got to the heart of ATL, I saw so many women wearing their hair natural… In braids, locs, twists, etc. I thought their hair looked so lovely! Most of the ethnic women I had grown up around, kept their hair relaxed so this was definitely a sight to see.  So this really sparked my interest in natural hair. My hair had been growing thin and I was experiencing a lot of breakage at the time so I was also relieved to realize that I could still look good without a perm as evidence from all the beautiful hairstyles I’d seen. So I just stopped relaxing my hair. I didn’t do much research or transitioning, I just jumped right in. As my curly hair grew out, my relaxed hair was looking really bad, so I decided to go to a lady barber and have her shave it off. Once again, no research or advice from anyone, I just did it.  And I’m glad I did because had I received advice from my usual influences at the time, I probably would have been hesitant. Needless to say, when I cut my hair off, I got some very disgusted looks from even those that were “close” to me. Very disheartening but I knew that it was just hair and it would grow back out eventually. I simply kept the image of the beautiful natural haired ladies in mind. I also thought back to the time that I had natural hair as a child. I remembered it being very thick, long, and beautiful.  So this was very motivating indeed.

As I went through my skin detox, I started evaluating my hair care products. I was loving my curly hair but I had become a product junkie.  I also began doing some research on natural hair care products and found mostly the same dilemma. Either the product was not truly natural or it was indeed natural but just didn’t provide lasting and potent results. The more research I did, the more I found that many people were of the mindset of “that’s just how it is. If it works, it’s not going to be natural and if it’s natural, then it’s probably not going to work”.  However, through experimentation, research and much trial and error I have come to see that most of the natural products available are diluted, contain man-made chemicals that tend to negate the beneficial ingredients, or the plants and herbs used in the formulation are not potent or are used in an amount that is not actually affective. I’ve also come to find that many plants have been forcefully modified which tends to affect the potency of plants, herbs, and natural ingredients.  My findings eventually led me to plants that have helped sustain indigenous cultures for thousands of years and are a lot less likely to be forcefully modified because they are “wild”. Western culture identifies the study of these plants as Ethnobotany.  I have even been privileged to hear first hand accounts of people using these wild plants for healing and rejuvenation.  Thus my product line was born. My product line mostly focuses on two purposes:  1. drawing out toxins or cleansing, and 2. Rejuvenation or providing essential nutrients to the body, hair or skin to aid in healing. Some formulations are even able to accomplish both.

Once again, I do use all of my products on my skin. I also use some of these products on my hair as well.  I use the purifying mask to clarify my scalp. I find that this mask works best to clarify my scalp of any buildup or other impurities. I use the soap nut cleanser and African black soap cleanser for my hair as well. Once my scalp and hair with either the cleanser or mask, I then use either the oils or the whipped shea and coconut cream on my damp hair to seal in moisture. Afterwards, I use a plant-based gel to style my hair. I have not formulated this product for the public yet because it is still a work in process. I am attempting to make a gel that stays preserved and is moisturizing and doesn’t flake. I’m still trying to master the preservation part because I would like for the gel to only contain natural ingredients. But hopefully it will be available before the New Year.  I am also working on an effective leave in conditioner but more on that to come.

The purpose of my creations is to help people feel good about themselves and help them be themselves naturally.  Many people seem to think that they cannot look desirable or beautiful without putting harmful chemicals onto their face, hair, and body.  I love seeing that so many people are flaunting their natural beauty especially when it defies the so-called standards and norms.

There are many natural hair care blogs out there already so I don’t have any plans to make this one exclusively about natural hair, but if you happen to have questions, I would be happy to answer any that I can. I have grown my hair out, put it into locs, and have come full circle to cutting it off yet again. Here are a few pictures of my hair over the years. Enjoy!


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  1. great post and lovely pictures from over the years!

    i cut mine off in 2003, and like you mentioned about coming full circle, i’m on the verge of the same. i’m always contemplating cutting it off. but the next week i’ll be wanting to grow it out super long. who knows!

    you look especially gorgeous with yours short.

    so interesting about the acne. i had it bad around the ages of 18-19 and NEVER considered that it could be an internal issue. i tried all sorts of external, topical methods to clear it up…even went to a dermatologist and paid big money for about 1 oz of cream. (of course he never mentioned anything about diet modifications…) it wasn’t until i started becoming more knowledgeable about herbs, internal care, natural foods, etc. and drastically changed my eating ways that i was able to get rid of it.

    • Thank you for the compliments. I went back and forth about cutting my hair as well. I do miss it a little but I love that I dont have to spend too much time styling it. And it was definitely a learning process with my health and acne. If I remember right, I think I was actually looking up some information about acne products and came across an article that claimed acne was an internal issue. This information seemed to resonate with me so I searched out more information about alternative health. And I also spent plenty money trying to fix it on the outside. I’m very grateful that we all are learning how to better take care of ourselves and express ourselves. 🙂

  2. Great post and story. I am making the very same discoveries about natural products and over the counter products and it’s a frustrating process. I tried it all and i’m over the Miss Jessies, Mixed Chicks and what ever else. I’m mixing and learning my own way. By the way, do you know about Dr.Sebi and his electric foods diet? Sounds like you and him are on the same wave length.

    • That’s great that you’re experimenting with your own recipes. I think that it is important for all of us to have a basic knowledge of plants, herbs, and other natural ingredients that work best for us even if we still decide to purchase products from others. And yes, Dr. Sebi was VERY influential to my research and health changes. He helped to open my mind to an abundance of possibilities concerning herbs and plants and health in general.

      • I listen to Dr. Sebi’s conversations and his lectures on youtube and I know he is right about the things he is saying. I’m learning but i’m still lacking discipline. I’m making baby steps though. I still enjoy my milk, butter and cheese and I know I shouldn’t. I love my junk food when i know there is nothing good about it but i’m getting better. Rome wasn’t built in a day lol!

      • Lol.. I’m not completely strict with it. For me, it’s about balance. I know when I’m overdoing it, but sometimes I still give in to extra temptations as well. But its definitely a journey that is teaching me alot of patience. I just began eliminating one “bad” food at a time and usually took about 3 – 4 weeks before trying to eliminate another. I’m currently working on eliminating processed veggie foods. I would definitely like to eventually get to a mostly “raw food” lifestyle. I did it for a couple months and I loved the way I felt and looked. But then I went around my family for a few weeks for the holidays so I’m sure you can already imagine how that went. Needless to say, I backslid ALOT! But I’m working on it.

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