Tobacco and Marijuanna Alternative?


Wild Dagga also known as Lion’s Tail

This plant originates in South Africa. It is a very beautiful plant, in my view, and works to provide soothing relief for many ailments. Some documented uses include:

Leprosy, eczema and other skin diseases and conditions

Cardiac asthma and other breathing disorders


Snake, insect, and mosquito bites as well as itching


Muscular cramps and discomforts

This plant also has a traditional use of being smoked with Tobacco or Cannabis or alone as a substitute for them. When smoked, it produces a mild state of euphoria. Used as a tea, you can experience many of the antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties of the plant. When used in oil form, it provides a calming relief to the skin and mind and is great for meditation and massage. The oil can be found in our store here:

It has a very pleasant, sweet, exotic aroma that is subtle, floral, and earthy.


What do you think?

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