Herb/Plant of the Day: Pau’D Arco


Pau D’Arco is known by many indigenous cultures to be a divine tree. It is said to help initiate a positive electrical charge on human cells and actually contains oxygen within its bark.

It is rich in phytochemicals and nutrients including iron and is considered to contain one of the most important antibacterial and antitumor agents readily available.

 It works great to stimulate the immune system and fight disease.  Ailments that have been successfully treated with this herb are:




Infections (fungal, vaginal, skin, viral, etc)


Sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS


Lymph and mucous congestion

This herb is readily available in tea form in most health food stores.  It is definitely a staple in my herbal “medicine” collection.  I also sell a bath tea that includes this divine herb which can be found here:


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