Plane crashing towards me…


I had one of the weirdest dreams last night. I was coming outside from what appeared to be my home. The surroundings were foreign but welcoming and “familiar” at the same time. My dreams are usually in familiar surroundings. I dream of my childhood home in the south many times. However these settings were tropical and seemed to be near an airbase as if it was my birth place of Guam.

It seemed I was part of a communal village. As I walked outside, I noticed a large airplane fly overhead. It was black with sections of yellow and resembled the so-called “manta” spy plane however it looked  more like a boomerang than a triangle.

The wings and the plane itself were very massive and it was intimidating. As I watched the plane fly overhead, I suddenly noticed that it was not flying but was actually in descent and was crashing. It crashed in the distance and I suddenly felt sorrow, disbelief, and worry, but at the same time felt relief that everything around me had been spared. However, after its initial crash, it kept “moving” and even though it was losing pieces, it kept “bouncing” and “re-crashing” towards me like a ball. It was almost like it was crashing towards me and my surroundings on purpose. And as I felt the inevitable happening, I felt myself begin to pray that I would be able to deal with whatever happened but would still somehow be spared. I “knew” that there was nothing that I could do and as I prayed and felt the plane crashing toward me for the “final” time, the dream went black.

I am very confused as to what this dream means for me. I looked for some pointers online concerning dream interpretations of plane crashes. Here are some things that I found:

I also found this article to be helpful:

The information giving on these websites seems to resonate with me, but I have often heard that it’s best to get direct interpretation rather than general ideas. I also am curious as to why the added aspect of the plane crashing towards me. If anyone is good at interpreting dreams, please leave your feedback here in this post or contact me through email. Thank you.

What do you think?

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