CLEARANCE SALE Lion’s Tail and Lotus Bo


CLEARANCE SALE Lion’s Tail and Lotus Body and Hair Oil This oil is an infusion of Lion’s Tail (Wild Dagga plant), Lotus, and a blend of herbs. This hypnotic oil contains potent components that interact with the nervous system to bring about feelings of euphoria and peace. This oil is made of ingredients that are mildly sedative and is great as a calming nighttime, massage, or meditation oil.

Wild dagga, also known as Lion’s Tail, is a plant that originates in South Africa and works well to heal skin conditions, alleviate itching, and decrease muscular discomforts. It has a very pleasant, sweet, exotic aroma that is subtle, floral, and earthy.

For many years, lotuses have been held sacred by Buddhists, Hindus, and Egyptians, whom all believe that Lotus flowers bring prosperity, fertility, and allow the inner being to bloom. Lotus Stamens are the most potent part of the Lotus flower. Lotus helps to calm the body and mind. It also helps with skin discolorations, tones the skin, stimulates skin cell regeneration and aids in alleviating stressful emotions and negative thoughts.

This oil can be used as you please: for massage, meditation, skin care, and can even be used on the hair and is a great oil for the scalp. Helps to relieve itching, dryness, and soothes the scalp to promote healthy scalp and hair.

Calm the body and mind, Soothe and nourish the skin.

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